Limonada casera Sin Azúcar. Receta Saludable

today we teach you a super drink refreshing but above all healthy and without sugar ¡Hola cocinacas! today we are going to prepare homemade lemonade and remember that At the end of the video you have the list of ingredients and we'll also tell you the dish that we will publish tomorrow we are going already with the recipe the first thing we will do will be this movement of rolling the lemons squeezing the so that then we can squeeze more easily then we split them in half and the squeezed and the resulting juice we put in a glass together with 4 tablespoons of honey and a pinch of ginger powder and what we remove very well we mix this mixture in three glasses and we add some ice cubes a slice of lemon and fill it up up cold water to How did you like the recipe if it is A) Yes help us with your like to share it with Some friend cooks and do not forget to subscribe to the channel and give the bell to not miss anything and now we are going with the ingredients 3 or 4 lemons 1 liter of water cubes of ice 4 tablespoons of honey and one pinch of ginger powder and remember in home cooking a video new every day who gives more ciao kitchen cash

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