Lose Belly Fat With Only 1 Meal a Day

Lose Belly Fat With Only 1 Meal a Day

Learn how to lose belly fat with only one meal a day. To burn fat fast whether you’re a man or woman exercises and workouts won’t reduce you’re stubborn body fat. Weight loss and creating a flat stomach are about diet. Discover Omad (one meal a day dieting)

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​A lot if people struggle with losing that last bit of belly fat especially that stubborn lower belly fat. If you’ve done any research on how to lose belly fat you probably know by now that the number one way to do it is through diet. But for many of you, every time you try to diet you either give up or you quit because the diet is either too demanding on your​ already​ busy life or it’s too complex and​ too​ restrictive to​ actually​ stick to. So today I want to go over how​ just​ one meal a day ​c​an help you lose that last bit of belly fat faster and easier than most other dieting methods. As with any dieting method as we burn more fat from our arms, our legs, and our face we’ll eventually tap into our fat stores in our belly area. I say eventually because the unfortunate truth that no one wants to hear is that the stomach area is usually one of the first spots​ that​ our body likes to store fat and its usually one of the last spots to go. This may not make sense to you but it makes sense to your body from an energy conservation stand point. It’s a lot easier to carry pounds of stored fat closer to the center of your body rather than distal areas like your hands feet and face. ​But don’t worry, stick with me through this video and i’ll show you exactly how just one simple meal a day will help you burn that stubborn fat and keep it from coming back. The key to burning that stubborn lower belly fat is consistently sticking to an effective diet plan until your body has no choice but to begin using ​the ​fat from your ​stomach area​ as energy. One meal a day intermittent fasting is one of the easiest diet plans that people can consistently stick to over the long haul because its not restrictive and when done correctly it really doesnt feel like you’re dieting at all. I’m sure a lot of you are probably thinking, “hmmm………. one meal a day isn’t that unhealthy, wont it slow my metabolism and be bad for fat loss, so before i jump into this fasting method i want to talk about the myths associated with omad also known as the one meal a day diet. We’ve all been told ​since we were little ​that we have to have breakfast lunch and dinner and some of us have been told to eat even more often like five or six meals a day to be healthy and to lose weight. But is that true?​ The answer is no, usually the whole idea of the most natural way of eating is to have three square meals a day with breakfast being your biggest meal. However, this eating strategy didn’t come from scientific or biological necessity it came from cultural patterns that developed over time. Although ancient Romans believed in eating one meal a day, by the time European settlers came to America they brought with them a mostly English culture of eating three square meals a day. Breakfast lunch and dinner became an even more popular idea when it was used by settlers to look down on native americans for not being a civilized group of people because they ate based on when they were hungry and based on the availability of food rather than on a set schedule. After that Farming practices, social status, work life, electricity and the industrial revolution all further shaped our cultural norm to eat three meals a day. Again none of this was based on science, but rather it was based on cultural ideas that stacked on top of each other over time for example one of these more recent ideas was having dinner with the family at six o clock when everyone got home from work. This idea was popularized within the last hundred years right around when electricity and lightbulbs became more common in homes which allowed us to prepare meals later at night. If we choose to continue following this cultural dogma of having to eat 3 or even five or six meals a day the only way to lower our total food and calorie intake is by having smaller less filling meals. The truth is that most of us prefer to eat until we feel full. Most of us also don’t want to feel obligated to cook and eat all day. Most of us would like to lose belly fat while still enjoying food we love. And most of us want to live longer and maintain a healthy weight and body fat throughout our lives. Fasting and the one meal a day diet can help us do all of these things. 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