Max Mandias : Empowering Local Farmers Through Healthy Diet | Ubah Cara Kerjamu

Max Mandias : Empowering Local Farmers Through Healthy Diet | Ubah Cara Kerjamu

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CoHive presents Ubah Cara Kerjamu: The Series; a look at the art of collaboration and a melting pot of community with passionate pursues. 

“As a local startup, we feel small. With Collaboration, we can look bigger because we work together but still have our own identity and color.” –Max Mandias

Serving up tasty and healthy treats all the while being the local hero to Indonesia’s manpower? A mission Burgreens has been focusing on for years now. Max Mandias loves what he does, and does what he loves, building a social startup as a force for good for all stakeholders involved

Max Mandias cofounded Burgreens on the grounds of providing consumers in Indonesia with accessible and convenient option for a healthy diet. At the same time, he aims to empower local farmers and cooks involved.

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