My Breakfast Juice Smoothie | Juice Diet To Lose Weight For Ramadan

Lot of things that we heard should go in one ear and out in the other Especially, When it comes to diet Especially fruits which are considered to be fattening and lot of people think that we should not eat them They say it has lot of sugar and are very fattening It not like that These are two fruits I heard very bad talks about them and I use them myself

They have so many benefits and such a good thing for weight loss They were really beneficial for me One was Avocado and the second was Banana

and Banana is notoriously infamous For a very long time "Don't eat banana- don't put it in the fruit chaat" "Don't have banana is your diet" or "It is very sugary" Seriously! there's nothing as such For whole year I carefully focus on my diet and banana play a huge role in it

It's not possible that in my diet there's are no banana The most important thing as you know is to eat before you feel hungry Before going out I have 2-3 banana half ripe like this with me The one who are more yellow with black patches

they have more sugar in them and that one are fattening and does not taste good So you have to try hard to find stores or hawkers where you can get this type of banana It is not sweet

and people who say they don't like banana I am sure they will become fan to this type of banana because it taste so good Most of time When I go outside and if I am hungry I have 1-2 bananas and even after that if I am hungry than I see about eating something This decrease your hunger This is hunger suppressant As much as it suppress Appetite I have not seen any other fruit do as much

Right now I am telling you about my breakfast You can mix protein shake with it Any shake can be a protein shake you can add any fruit you like you can add this and you have to drink this quickly

You have to drink instantly The problem is you can't drink the banana shake that is out for a while you are driving So in my breakfast first thing is this banana

along with this I have Avocado People who read a lot like me know that in recent research on Avocado 50 g Avocado have only 80 calories And it is rich in Vitamins and Potassium and it has more potassium than banana

Banana is given credit for potassium Avocado has double the potassium than banana So this very useful thing in banana 105 calories are in one Banana Third ingredient is my favorite

My favorites berries are strawberries and blueberries Only 49 calories are in one cup of strawberries Weight loss is inevitable It is good for the skin along with this it also decrease your Appetite Little bit of water These types of jar they are available easily and when you give shakes in this to guests or kids

it look reallly good and this juice you have to drink this within a minutes First layer is this after this lets do With banana little bit of milk

You must be surprise I am using yogurt Very thin consistency like this As much so that it can blend You have to do everything really quickly

I want to keep it consistency hard so that's why it is taking little bit of time There is a special method to use Avocado You add little bit of water and dry milk powder like Nido Just one spoon Add Avocado

Add Avocado I have use around less then half Avocado When you are making Avocado for the kids you can add condense milk

or add normal milk Still it will taste good We have to see because sometime it become little bit thick Yes the thickness is too much

I am adding little bit of water According to your taste Whatever you like but I don't like it sweet This much sweetness is enough for me Banana will give sweetness

Strawberries will give sour taste Avocado will give creamy taste If we mix it will go down little bit like this It really look good while serving Now the mixing is complete

This is the end I am telling you Just look how much flavors are combine in this juice Sourness of Strawberries Creaminess and sweetness of Banana

and Avocado has its unique flavor It also have a very creamy texture When it mixes with milk powder and water very amazing taste I can feel it and can't believe it that so many healthy things combined can make such a delicious thing

It is possible You also need the energy I must say In ramadan After you open your fast with dates the next thing you have is this and eat anything after the namaz You will notice that you will feel less hunger This is so filling

you have to make a full jar 6-7 strawberries one banana

half avocado One spoon milk powder Little bit of yogurt This is kind of Appetite suppressant You won't feel hunger with this This is the first thing I have in the morning This is so good for your skin It has so much potassium

fiber and have low calories Fruits should be fresh Strawberries should not be rotten

The best way to choose Avocado that it should be little bit soft it should not be too soft or too hard Buying Avocado is itself an art and science You can have this in your salad too Shop sensibly

When you are going out to buy expensive fruits You should not be like asking your maid or driver to do the shopping or you order it on phone Always have wrong thing delivers with calls Shopkeeper has one goal that is to get rid of old stuff they too have to look at their profit Try drinking this Tell me after one month of drinking this

How much energy boost you have got and your skin and hair are getting great and how much it is helping you with the weight loss See what is the latest

there's box there Anything that you want deliver at your doorstep You just write that product detail

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