My Diet For Fat Loss | Full Day Of Eating (Cutting Diet)

what's going on guys Gino checking back in for another video today and this video I figured I'd bring you guys through another full day of eating while I'm on yet another cut now the goal for me currently is to lose a little bit more body fat and get a little bit more shredded so you guys already know the deal I'm going to show you guys all the foods that I eat, the meals I make of it the macros I have to hit the calories I have to hit and so forth so without further ado let's start the video now I know I told you guys in one of the previous videos that I was starting my reverse diet because I thought I was done cutting but when I finally got back to the higher amounts of carbs in the 402 425 grams of carbs range I noticed that I wasn't quite lean enough for my own standards you know the lean is that I want to achieve after a cut so I decided to drop down to around the same amount of calories that I end up my cut on since I only refers diet for I think four five or six weeks or something and I'm going to be attempting to drop down to around 84 or eighty three and a half kilograms since that's the weight that I was on last year while I was pretty damn shredded so that's what I'm currently going to be doing that's the game plan for this kind of mini cut since I'm already pretty lean I think I only need around four more weeks I'd really dial in and get to the leanest that I want to be at so without further ado commence a full day of eating what I'm currently doing for my breakfast is something that you're probably not used to me doing so as of late in the morning of frying three whole eggs and putting them on two slices of bread of course I still have my oven bowl with two bananas that I put in later on and then I have one slice of bread with this yeah one slice of bread with Nutella still on the Nutella game even though I'm trying to lose body fat but you know macros and of course I have a black coffee with sweetener and agua to get hydrated so relax those you guys I have my two bananas right here as a pretty huge carb source a bowl of all brand but in kind of smaller amounts since I have a sandwich or two slices of bread with three whole eggs here and one slice of bread with Nutella I'm a black coffee underneath and water right so it is gym time guys now as you may or may not know I have a few simple pre-workout ingredients that I mix in myself instead of buying or getting any prepackaged pre-workout then contains a lot of filler ingredients that don't really do anything but you do pay the price for so so I forget to be a smart idea to show you guys what I put exactly in my pre-workout drink before I forget you know it's gym time so a change of shirt this highly necessary obviously right so enough random transitioning like I said they have three simple ingredients that I put in my pre-workout all the time without buying any prepackaged pre-workout that's what I put in there is beta alanine flavor – creatine monohydrate and citrulline malate now beta alanine supposedly binds itself to nerve receptors which give the tingling sensation makes it so that you can go on longer without fatiguing and most likely cost you to produce less lactic acid in your muscles which is you know the burning sensation or the fatiguing sensation that you get when you're doing this set of a certain exercise which makes it so that you can go on longer without speaking and of course we have citrulline malate which creates face or dilation in your muscles which basically means it's widening the blood vessels allowing for more blood to flow through the muscles and through your veins which gives a better pump obviously and then the flavored creatine monohydrate simply for having all the powders in one drink you know easily in one go and the two ingredients that I just covered don't really taste that well they actually kind of taste like crap so I have flavored creatine in order to enhance the flavor of my pre-workout drink so I'm gonna mix these in head to the gym and hit a pool day and also before I forget to mention obviously I put in one scoop of beta alanine which is your own 45 grams 2 scoops which comes out to 8 grams or citrulline malate and one scoop just 5 grams creatine monohydrate all right so I just ate my dinner now as I mentioned before this is not something that I prepare myself since I still live at home so my mom cooks for me lucky me I guess AHA but it was a very simple basic bodybuilding kind of meal which consists of chicken 170 grams of cooked chicken around 150 grams of cooked broccoli and around 220 grams of cut baked potatoes as of my current day-to-day planning this is the meal that I eat immediately when I get back home from the gym and to be honest it's a pretty solid post-workout meal since it has some fast digesting carbs you know from the potatoes obviously a high glycemic index food or broccoli or she can never go wrong with micronutrients and a quick source of protein which is coming from the chicken obviously right now it's time for the next meal now this is again something that you're not used to seeing on my channel but it's quite aesthetically pleasing to say the least so what I have right here is an apple a really giant Apple to say the least two pieces of zero sugar ginger bread with 20 grams of peanut butter on top 75 grams of blueberries and 100 grams of strawberries and a container of share percent fat quark now this is a pretty huge protein source is comparable to Greek yogurt but sometimes more popular here in the Netherlands which has around let me see 84 grams of protein and 4 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams which is pretty huge for a 500 gram tub all right before I begin the ultimate mix are you team eat the stem or remove the stem because I am team eater stem definitely and then that is the move that I eat most likely right after I eat my dinner this for me is folks workout times and I'm quite hungry after my workouts and study you can be pretty intense also I like to eat a big meal or you know two meals kind of putting together right after my workout alright so literally all I had over for today was quite some protein so I have a few slices of ham and chicken right here and to fill my stomach up I have half a cucumber sliced up with some pepper and salt and a little bit of sriracha sauce to spice things up as per usual all right so the macros I'm currently eating are somewhere in the range of 275 grams to 300 grams of carbohydrates 60 grams of fat and 190 grams of protein and this comes down to summer and a range of 2400 to 2500 calories now let me get to the range of 275 grams of carbs it's pretty much the last time that I have to draw out the calories to get the Lea level of leanness that I decide to get but this will probably be the last full day of cutting that I make before I transition back into the lean Baroque where I will be focusing on making a lot more games now my day-to-day nutrition obviously varies since I don't really have a set meal plan for myself I have some meal templates but some of the things like my dinner and things that I have to eat in order to finish the macro for today always vary since I follow flexible dieting that means that I'll eat accordingly to hit my macronutrients and calorie goal for the day so however I fill that up as long as I eat 70 to 80% clean whole unprocessed foods and fill the rest in with something that I crave like a Nutella sandwich then I'm good to go and will hit my goals and work towards the goal that I have for myself currently which is losing body fat obviously alright and that is all for this full day of eating while I'm on this cut I hope you guys enjoyed if you did please be sure to smash the like button because it's really upside the channel grow comment down below subscribe to the channel for so much more cons it's coming really soon mug guys happy salad see you in the next one

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