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Nicholas Gonzalez Cancer Juicing ANNOUNCER: Hello, it's no secret that people with advanced cancer need immediate nutrition In this video Dr

Nick Gonzalez explains why juicing is an essential part of his therapy Enjoy the video! INTERVIEWER: Doctor, can you talk about juicing a little bit? How important is that as a therapy? DRGONZALEZ: All our patients juice whatever their diet, whether they are meat eaters or vegetarians The amount varies, our vegetarian patients always need more The purpose of juice is your concentrating all the vitamins, minerals, trace elements in enzyme in complete raw form

Now, it's true when you juice you are getting rid of the fiber Fiber is an important nutrient, you know, but on the other hand the Eskimos never ate fiber and they never had constipation either, it depends on who you are, but yeah, fiber can be a useful nutrient, but the purpose of juicing is you're concentrating all the nutrients and without the fiber it's like pre-digested food, and a lot of our advanced cancer patients don't have a lot of extra energy and digestion could take energy With juicing you are kind of pre-digesting, and it's all raw and it's all there You get rid of the fiber, it's like instantly absorbed You get all this nutritional bolus of good stuff right into the body very quickly

The patient doesn't have to expend a lot of energy For advanced cancer patients it can be life-saving to get all this good nutrition in there simply and easily, and also juicing because it's raw has all the enzymes We don't tend to think of enzymes as a nutrient, but every cell whether it's from a plant or an animal food contains hundreds, and in fact, thousands of enzymes as part of its normal metabolic machinery Enzymes are catalysts that allow biochemical reactions to occur very efficiently and every cell and every organism in the world has hundreds and thousands of enzymes Dr

Edward Howe was a great American researcher who spent 50 years of his life showing that these enzymes from food can be absorbed like a vitamin and mineral and help the body repair, rebuild and fight disease, even cancer However, they are very heat sensitive When you heat food, you destroy some of the vitamins like vitamin C, folic acid, some of the minerals like calcium become less available, but these food enzymes that Howe talked about above 117 degrees Fahrenheit are neutralized and it knocks out He was a big proponent of eating raw foods, but juicing is a good way to get enzymes into a body from the food in the pure form without any damage, so it has a lot of value It doesn't require a lot of energy, it's all concentrated and all the enzymes are there because it hasn't been heated, and it's absorbed very quickly so you've got a rapid supply of nutrients into these very sick people

INTERVIEWER: And what if you are not sick? DRGONZALEZ: Oh, I juice myself I don't juice as much as my sick patients I think juicing is valid for everybody You're getting nutritional benefit quickly and easily right into the body in a concentrated form, you couldn't ask for anything better

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