Nuts and Seeds Snack (Healthy Keto Snacks)

Ron Lyons: So, you're trying to lose fat and you decided to try the keto lifestyle, and you've heard that nuts and seeds are good for you but not sure which ones are the best nuts and seeds snack for you In this video, I show you this healthy keto snacks that I used to drop over 20 pounds of fat and give me energy all day long

Ron Lyons: I'm Ron Lyons, Mr Clean Energy, author and energy expert guiding you to energy management, power-generating and money-saving solutions for your home and health For the latest tips, strategies, and reviews on reducing your energy costs, eco-friendly products to help you save money while going green, and organic chemical-free solutions for better health and a sustainable lifestyle, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified with new videos weekly Ron Lyons: I simply start with whole organic pecans and I put them in my food processor until I have a really nice, smooth, buttery blend I get my pecans at Sprouts for about $16 a pound

If you don't have a food processor, you can buy pecan butter, but it is hard to find Even on Amazon it's between 15 and $30 for eight to 10 ounces This is one nut you're going to want to buy whole Ron Lyons: Now, I buy exclusively organic and non-GMO, and I recommend you do too But this video isn't about that, so just know that all the ingredients I use are organic and non-GMO

In my recipe I use about a pound of whole pecans I want to know what's your favorite nuts and seeds snack Comment below and share your favorites Ron Lyons: All right, once I have my pecan butter, I simply add the following ingredients Half a cup of course, chopped pecans, three tablespoons of avocado oil

Today I'm using a blended oil with Sacha inchi, sunflower, coconut, and sesame oil only because I'm out of avocado oil This has a really amazing nutty flavor that adds a ton of great nutrients and a real smooth texture to the nut butter Ron Lyons: I also add three tablespoons of raw, sprouted pumpkin seeds from Go Raw, three tablespoons of Go Raw sprouted sunflower seeds, two tablespoons of Navitas organic hemp seed, one tablespoon of Nutiva organic chia seeds, one tablespoon of Anthony's raw, white and black sesame seeds, and half a teaspoon of Spicely True Ceylon ground cinnamon It's better to use the Ceylon true cinnamon The cassia variety contains significant amounts of a compound called coumarin which is believed to be harmful in large doses so I just stay away from it

Ron Lyons: All right, so now you just add all the ingredients into the bowl with the pecan butter and you'll just mix them up It's as easy as that Now it's time to mix all the ingredients in the bowl just by folding everything together until well blended, I like to add in the salt right at the end I liked the rock, the course rock salt You get those nice big chunks of salt in there just like that

Ron Lyons: Bam, there it is Creamy, nutty, full of flavor and nutrients Once you're done mixing it all up, simply scrape it into a glass jar and then refrigerate it You can optionally roll the mix into wax paper to make a tube and freeze it for later to cut up into some small snacks I prefer to scoop mine right out of the jar, fresh and soft

So tasty Ron Lyons: It's really like candy to me and it keeps my energy levels high all day Keep in mind, there's a ton of information about each of these nuts and seeds especially as it relates to fat loss, so be sure to tune in next week for a new video on the benefits of various nuts and seeds, and which ones you should avoid especially if you're following a keto lifestyle Ron Lyons: There you have it, a nuts and seeds snack you can enjoy without breaking the bank The initial cost of buying the various seeds may seem high at first, but you'll be able to use them for quite some time which will offset the costs drastically in the end

Making your own blend will not only allow you to know exactly what you're putting into your body, but it'll save you a bundle over buying the pre-made blends that'll cost you 15 to $30 for half of what we made with this recipe Ron Lyons: This blend will keep your energy levels up throughout the day and give you a blend of fats that is essential for your keto lifestyle For a list of where to get all the ingredients, you can just click on the links in the description below along with the recipe If you want to join a community of people just like you, I have a Facebook page and you can become part of and get more answers and resources to living a cleaner, smarter, healthier life Just click on the link below to join

Ron Lyons: If you liked this video, please let me know by liking it below, subscribe and share it with your friends who want to learn how to live a cleaner, smarter, healthier life Also, comment down below if you found this video helpful to you or you want to share some additional insight I always love a good story, so tell me yours This is Ron Lyons, Mr clean energy, your host for Do Life Healthier, wishing you a cleaner, smarter, healthier life

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