Olivia Budgen | Juicing for Health | Fasting Summit

– What that's saying, the majority of the population these days are overfed and undernourished and that's because so many people have compromised digestive systems and they're eating all this food, but then they're not really absorbing all the nutrients properly And this is where I've found that juicing is so beneficial for people

It's just such a good way to be able to consume an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals in an easy to digest form, so the plant walls and fibres are broken down so that the body can just absorb them so easily So people these days have such compromised digestive systems, constipation, diarrhoea, leaky guts, inflamed colons So juicing is such a perfect way to give the body all of those building blocks and amino acids and beautiful vitamins and minerals and you can be sure that you're absorbing all of those as well So many people are focused on consuming abundance of fibre these days, and yes, fibre is so important for us But when it comes to cleansing and healing the body, our body, as you know, is a self healing mechanism, and it just needs it's own abundance of energy to cleanse and heal itself

And digestion, the process of digestion, takes up most of our energy So, I think it's so important to go through periods of consuming a whole food plant based diet with tonnes of fibre, but then going through periods of doing liquid cleanses and drinking heaps of juices because then you're giving your digestive system a break (easy listening music)

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