Patient Loses Over 100 Lbs with the ITG Weight Loss Plan

– Well, hi, I'm Marie and I have been on this journey since March 27th, 2017, and I have lost 101 pounds so far For me, the biggest benefit has been getting off of all injectable insulins

I've been lowering the dosage on a lot of my medications and I'm not having to use the needles any more, which is a joyful thing Yeah, so, that's been one of the big things Being able to move easier, not have the pains that I've had I can park farther away There was a point in time when I first started this that I was thinking I was gonna have to get a little scooter, because the walking was just too hard on my arthritis, and my knees, and the bursitis, and now I look at other people and say, "I was one of those people and now I'm not gonna "have to be one of those people

" I think you have to be ready, mentally, to make the commitment to it But, as far as the program itself, it is fairly easy to follow They give you really good guidelines The foods, you get to pick and choose and what works for you and what doesn't work for you It was fairly easy to get started

One of the things that I think that helped me the most was being able to keep track of things with the food log, and plan ahead every day what I was going to have for that day, and the food is amazing It helps make it a little easier when you can, kind of see, these things are available to you You could start up for a minimal fee and it gives you two weeks worth of food, and you can try the food to see if you like it See how you do for two weeks and see if it's something that you can really work with, because I think it's a good program It was easy for me to keep with it

I just say to people, "Try it "Give it two weeks at least to see how you do "See how you feel "See what kind of weight you can lose in just two weeks "You'd be amazed

" It's just, I think, it's an amazing journey, and I think anybody who knows me and has seen me at my very worst When I first started, when I was first diagnosed as a diabetic, I weighed 330 pounds and when I started this program I weighed 275, and I am now at 174 So, and in a year's time I think that in itself says a lot It can be done

You feel amazing afterwards, and the compliments and the looks that you get from people now as opposed to before, are totally different worlds, so it's worth it, definitely

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