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enough blabla, as you heard it's back to school so hello to all the greedy and welcome to enjoying and dieting in the same plate today a video a little more special and a video you have asked a lot on my Instagram it's three meals that you can eat at work or at school while respecting your diet and staying healthy there may be a little bit of flexibility but we'll see that later so I'll first introduce you a breakfast a breakfast that you can eat on the way to school or work or at work why not for the more adventurous of you and besides that I will also present you a healthy lunch that you can also do for your work and that also takes very little time to do and on top of that I will also present you a snack you can also eat at 10am if you want so without further ado go into the kitchen and change a little all these clothes because these glasses do not suit me at all let's go !! we find ourselves in my kitchen for the cooking part and here for that there will not be much cooking as I told you it's going to be fast and it's very convenient to do you do that in the evening you do not have to do it the same day and then the next morning when you get up everything is in tupperware / packaging and you just have to put it in a bag and take it to work enough talking, let's go to ingredients for recipes take a rectangular dish that goes in the microwave in which you will put 40gr of oatmeal then I put 10 g of cocoa powder here unsweetened but you can also put some cinnamon, peanut butter, whatever you want add about 400ml of water you mix well everything then direction the microwave for three minutes once the three minutes have passed you mix a little, you see that it has already hardened and once it's well mixed you will put it back in the microwave for another minute and then you mix and you see the texture that it has if you have the same texture put it again 30 seconds to a minute depending on the texture you get once you get a texture like this you add either frozen fruit in it or nothing at all but the best it is frozen fruits like that it brings you vitamins and you must not bring your fruit with you you put them in and you get them in and you let it sit in the fridge for a whole night or well at least for 2-3 hours now for the second recipe we will make pprotein bars without protein powder and all-homemade we put 50g oatmeal, two egg whites 100g yogurt or cottage cheese 0% to avoid calories then sweetener here I put liquid sweetener you can put powder and baking powder as well as cinnamon or peanut butter or cocoa then you put in the microwave for three minutes and that's it what you get you cut them in half or you take them like that it depends on your dish and you let cool at least one to two hours before putting them in a package for the next day for the third recipe we will make homemade wraps if you do not want to make them homemade you can also take wraps from trade but it's + transformed here I put 200g of spelled flour but you can also put any flour I put 40 grams of white cheese 0%, 1 pinch of salt and 100ml of boiling water you mix everything well with a spatula for 4-5 minutes until the dough has a little hardened if it does not harden enough add another five to ten grams of flour then when you get a good dough ball with, you put it in the fridge during 30-60min during this time you can make a tuna salad but without mayonnaise it's weird to hear but it's also very good you put your can of tuna that you rinsed beforehand into the water because it's very salty, with 100g 0% yoghurt and spices you mix everything and once it's wet like a tuna salad you let it cool in the fridge until the wraps are ready once the time is past you put your wraps dough on flour is the first version you can also do the second version that I show you now on a nonstick plate that allows that it does not stick you put some flour and you crush and you can do it with a roll or with a bottle but try to rinse it before then you cut the dough into 4 you form 4 wraps with this so one by one you roll them very thin the finest you can and try to always have a round once it's done you will heat a frying pan over medium heat and you will put your wrap in it for three minutes more or less and once it's done, you flip it and cook it again for two minutes and you do the same for the 4 wraps and if you are lazy you can simply buy commercial wraps it will be a little more transformed but calorie level it will be similar once the wraps are done we will garnish them for that we puts half of the tuna, here it was a can of tuna 150gr so we put half in the wrap with tomatoes and cucumber because it's low in calories and it brings water and vitamins in addition to that I add spicy hot sauce but this it's not mandatory then you close your wrap as I do here and either put it in aluminum overnight either you put it in a box that you close well until the next day we're done in the kitchen so now we will taste but before that I will explain a little what you can do with these and the nuances you can bring if your diet has more or fewer calories here I arranged for the preparations to be quite low in calories as you requested because I know some people do not have as many calories as me and so I arranged for the breakfast + lunch + snack are together at less than 1000 calories in fact I even tried to arrange for less than 300 calories in each meal now for breakfast we have 218 calories 29g of carbohydrates 5 g of fat and 8 grams of protein it's pretty low in protein but you can add yoghurt on it like that you have your dose of protein for the morning which is quite important which will come back around 350 calories but it will not even exceed 1000 calories for breakfast, lunch and snack so if you even have a 1500 calorie diet it's quite doable then we have the lunch that has 296 calories 38 grams of carbohydrates with the wrap, 2 grams of fat because the tuna was not oil so it did not bring lipid and thanks to the yoghurt instead of the mayonnaise we have very few sources of lipids and there is 29gr of protein so here again you can do two wraps if you have a bigger diet then we have the snack that includes 292 calories 29gr of carbohydrate 4gr of fat and 27 grams of protein so we have a good dose of protein if you train after the snack or just before the snack and after the dinner it is optimal because the proteins around these meals are really good and there is a good dose I want to clarify that in this video there is very little fat but of course beside that I prefer to eat peanut butter or peanuts or avocado

and I eat them in the morning or in the evening but here as you wanted low calorie examples I was not going to add lipids because they go up very quickly in calories so that's the food turn we have for less than 1000 calories and there is way to enjoy you can add a little flexibility if you practice this diet otherwise all the ingredients I used are more or less unprocessed except for flour and you have your protein and your carbohydrates, you still have to eat the fats you can eat at night with your evening meal and the calories that remain and in addition to that there are vitamins, fiber and everything you need the first thing I'm going to test it's going to be porridge revisited in a cold way you can take in a tupperware usually I'll maybe put some yoghurt on top so you can do the same whether you take with you to work or you cover it like that just before you go to work and then you eat it like that at work like that you'll have bunch source of protein for breakfast because the proteins for breakfast is important for protein synthesis if you play sports and after a 8h fast during when you sleep proteins are important Let's go for a try ! as you can see it's pretty compact and we have a little raspberry in addition so if you like it when it's very sweet you can add a little bit sweeteners in it here I like it when it's like that especially when there are raspberries it's really good and like you see it's pretty compact there is a hole that has formed and you can continue to eat it like that me that's what I'm going to do even if it's not breakfast I'm going to eat it because it's super good and it's not very caloric then let's go to the test of the lunch here for the lunch I did two wraps but you'll have enough with one it's just that I personally have a lot of calories and as you saw the breakfast was quite low calorie for me so I do two and again here we do not get too high in calories everything is homemade so it's very little industrialized, just a little flour look at that you have your vegetables your source of carbohydrates and your proteins frankly for something healthy it's really FIRE as would say FastGoodCuisine frankly you can eat that 2-3 days a week you do not be bored and tuna where I did not put mayonnaise and I used yoghurt instead you do not feel it because the tuna is already salty enough so do not worry it'll do the trick let's go to the third recipe to finish we have the protein bar and here the recipe allows to do two bars for only300 calories as you saw just beforeand you can either eat it as snack at 10am and 4pm or eat two at once like I would do so we're going to taste that

it tastes well the cinnamon, it's very good if you do not like cinnamon you can do other options cocoa, peanut butter, see you when i finish and here we are already at the end of the video if you like this kind of content in which I share a compilation three or four recipes, for example for breakfast or for at work like this or as an appetizer or other things like that let me know in the comments down below I will do my best to do it again if it please you I hope you enjoyed this video, if that's the case you can hit the like button and even subscribe see you later for another recipe or another video !!

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