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hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome to a new video in today's video I'm showing you some delicious healthy dinner ideas they all take less in 15 minutes but they're really great for you don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and let's jump right in the first thing we're making is this rose' pasta so we're gonna make a dairy-free cream using some cashews cashews are rich in copper which means they help to fight free radicals we're also gonna put in some garlic which is a potent antimicrobial antifungal and antibacterial it's great for keeping you healthy especially in change of season some water and then you just blend it up guys it's super quick and tastes delicious then I'm taking some new pasta you guys have seen me use it before it's a contract root pasta that's gluten free I'm taking some tomato sauce and then just putting the pasta on top as you guys saw it's really quick and what I love about tomato sauce is that when you heat it up you actually get the benefits of the lycopene that's in tomatoes a lot more when the food is cooked as opposed to eating a raw tomato so I mix that together and then I add a couple spoonfuls of the dairy-free cream sauce and then I mix that together and then you can just keep the leftover dairy cream sauce and put that in the fridge and then throw it in whenever you need it so as you guys can see it's super easy to kind of whip this together you have this wonderfully creamy tomato sauce with the pasta and you made it in like honestly less than 10 minutes so then I'm gonna put that into my bowl and it feels so decadent too I love this is my favorite like gluten free pasta that I use not sponsored I just really love this brand and I love the fettuccine especially with this sauce I was supposed to spaghettini or the angel hair I'm putting a few chili flakes on top just because I like my pasta with a little bit of kick but you can omit it if you don't and then garnish it with a little bit of fresh basil for my garden and there you go guys a super quick Rose de pasta that tastes delish and took super quick to make next up I'm making a taco Bowl so I'm starting off with some dressing that we're gonna use I'm using parsley parsley is really great because it has lots of vitamin A for your eye and vitamin K for your blood health garlic again with change of season it's really good to throw that in to help your immune system so I'm lime which is gonna taste really refreshing and also helps to kind of preserve this dressing because we are gonna be adding some avocado into it and it gives it a nice fresh flavor as long with that kind of whole Mexican feel as well so I'm juicing half of the lime into the blender and because this is a blender dressing you just blend it up it's super quick to make as well so then I'm adding in a little bit of avocado oil you can use olive oil too if you want and along with half of avocado which gives it that healthy fats the dressing is really gonna help fill you up and stabilize that blood sugar as well so then I'm just adding in a pinch of Himalayan salt to balance it out and also to give us some pH balancing you blend it up and there you go you can store the excess or the little remainder in the fridge and then we are going to build our talkable itself so I'm using some butter lettuce I have been obsessed with butter lives for a few months now you guys have seen it in my videos I just prefer it to like a regular romaine lettuce I think it has well honestly more of a buttery taste so if you haven't tried butter lettuce you should try butter lettuce so I put that into my bowl that I'm putting in some Tomatoes you can really just put in whatever you kind of like in your burrito bowls so I'm doing with the red onion play with the tomato kind of as like a pico de gallo and especially with the parsley and the sauce it really kind of gives it that pico de gallo flavor and again these are all simple things that you can buy in your grocery store so then I'm adding in some beans you can do chicken you can do a fermented non-gmo organic tofu and then a little bit of limes I like the extra lime pick kind of squeeze on top and then I'm putting the sauce on the top as well and this is something you can definitely prep these bowls in advance but it also just comes together really quick as well because it's so easy to make of course we throw in some tortilla chips on top so I just look for an organic non-gmo corn tortilla chip and there you it's a super easy taco bolt that's ready in minutes you get that Mexican flavor but it is honestly just simple ingredients that you can throw it together super quickly and lastly we're making this lemon garlic shrimp bowl which is again super easy and quick to make that's kind of the theme of this video so I want to show you guys it can be really easy and quick to make healthy meals so I'm using some broccoli broccoli actually has twice the amount of vitamin C than an orange it's also a great anti-inflammatory and it adds an just a fiber it's also quite affordable compared to like other veggies and I feel like I'll just taste really good so I'm using some avocado oil and then throwing that into a pan and cooking that over medium heat I'm also gonna throw in some shrimp but you can also chicken if you're not a shrimp person I just like to kind of change up my proteins now this is key the lemon the fresh lemon just adds so much flavor to this I throw it on while it's cooking and it kind of just absorbs into it along with the zest of about a quarter of the lemon again adding some nice fresh citrus flavor and lemon is just so so good for you super high in vitamin C because you kind of just let that cook and stir around a bit until the shrimp get kind of pink on both sides I'm throwing in a few handfuls of kale kale is a great antioxidant put says tons of fiber and it actually helps to activate the detoxifying enzymes in your liver and once you cook it it becomes less bitter and easier to digest because it's wilted down so if you tried kale raw and you're like oh that's too bitter for me when you cook it down it's always better so then you throw that into a bowl super easy to make guys this was ready and honestly less than 10 minutes that's something also I like about shrimp is that it's ready you really quick compared to like a tofu or a chicken or any kind of protein so that is the last dinner so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did don't forget to give it a good old thumbs up and leave me any requests you have down below and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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