Salmon Sheet Pan Dinners, 5 Easy Healthy Recipes!

(upbeat music) – Hey munchies, Alicia here! Comin' to you with a video I received request for on Instagram because I like to share what I cook up for my personal meals and I do sheet pan dinners a lot And one protein I make regularly, every week at least once or twice is salmon

So today I'm going to share five variations of toppings and they are all so easy, but also quite impressive and of course, delicious First, lets start with the simplest one, Dijon sage (lighthearted music) I combined Dijon mustard and fresh sage or any herb you prefer, together and simply spread it on top of the salmon filet I'm also including sweet potato, onion, and garlic for some veggie and healthy carbs and tossing with oil, oregano, paprika, and salt I also like to add a little tent of foil to my salmon to keep it from drying out

I don't have any professional culinary method for this, I just take a piece of foil and fold the two sides into the center to make it sturdy, fold it in half and then fold the ends up about an in inch for stability And voila! A foil tent Sheet pan dinners are so easy because you put everything for your meal on the sheet pan and it all goes into the oven at once, making for less time, dishes, clean up, and all around work This is a go-to for me because it's so simple! The Dijon mustard has such a strong and sharp flavor that it brings so much to the dish without needing anything else And remember, you can of course use any vegetables you prefer, but today, I'll just be giving you a few different ideas

Next up, honey walnut (lighthearted music) Spread goat cheese or crumbles on top of the salmon, then top it off with walnuts, fresh thyme, and a drizzle of honey I paired that with beets, I like to use the pre-cooked kind because it's much easier and less messy as well as some green beans, shallots, walnuts, and tossing with oil and simple salt and pepper (lighthearted music) tent on and into the oven it goes Wow, talk about a flavor bomb! Salmon is a fatty fish thanks to its omega-3s, but that also adds to the rich taste, paired with that savory goat cheese and sweet honey walnut mixture, you end up with everything you could want in every single bite

FYI, each of these sheet pans I'm sharing today are for one person, but you can of course multiply the recipe for as many people as you need, I often make these for two, three, or four people, easy peasy Topping number three, sriracha mayo (lighthearted music) mix together mayo, I like to make my own, which I have showed in a video before, linked in the description as well as on my Instagram, sriracha, lime juice, and cilantro Adjust to taste Spread that mixture on top of the salmon and save the rest, you'll want it for later

I've also blended up some roasted salted cashews that I'm sprinkling on top as a crust topping You could use any nuts or even breadcrumbs, but I love adding the texture I also have potato wedges, egg plant, mini zucchini, and yellow squash I toss them with oil, pine nuts, cumin, and salt (lighthearted music) oh boy, I told you to save that extra mayo! You're gonna want it for dipping those potato wedges

This is savory and it has a nice kick to it After eating, I'm completely satisfied Who says healthy has to be boring? Thumbs up for easy week night meals, subscribe and hit the bell for more recipe videos and educational content The next is another weekly regular for me, sesame coconut (lighthearted music) I take coconut butter and mix in tahini and coconut aminos

You could use soy sauce, but I like the sweetness that the coconut aminos brings and it keeps it a little bit cleaner Spread that on top of your salmon, it should be a nice and thick paste Top it off with coconut shreds and sesame seeds I've got butternut squash cubes and broccoli as my side components, tossed with sesame oil, coconut aminos, oregano, and salt Okay, these toppings have all been very different, but this one might be my favorite

That paste on top stays nice and thick, but seeps into the salmon, giving it even more rich, savory, and sweet flavor The veggies tossed in sesame oil brings it all together too Also, I wanted to let you know that I have done a blog post touching on pros and cons of wild caught versus farm raised fish Both sides have a story worth hearing and my goal is to give you information so you can decide what's right for your body and lifestyle, it is up right now at mindovermunchcom and linked in the description

Okay, last but definitely not least, lemon Parmesan Mix together yogurt, lemon juice, and thyme Separately, mix almond flour and Parmesan Spread the yogurt mixture on the salmon and sprinkle on the Parmesan topping I'm also cooking up carrots, baby potatoes, and fennel with oil, orange juice, parsley, ginger paste, and salt

Oh my gosh this Parmesan crust topping is delicious! The whole dish has almost a Mediterranean flavor inspiration, it's naturally sweet, but also perfectly salty If you didn't know, I actually have an e-book that shares sheet pan and slow cooker recipes and it tells you how to prepare them so that you can have fresh cooked weeknight meals that you've also meal prepped You can use the code salmon for 10% off any e-book or package of your choice this week only at mindovermunchcom/ebooks Also FYI, I will be giving away my e-book package with all of my e-books to a newsletter subscriber this month, so make sure you've signed up at mindovermunch

com to be entered I do new giveaways for all of my subscribers every single month I hope you enjoyed this episode, if you want more dinner ideas, let me know in the comments, I will see you next week and remember it's all a matter of mind over munch

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