Shakeology – Juice Cleanse – Raw till 4 – Diets Reviewed by 2 Dietitians

Shakeology – Juice Cleanse – Raw till 4 – Diets Reviewed by 2 Dietitians

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Abbey Sharp teams up with Abby Langer again to personally try and review the current top 3 internet weight loss diets. This includes Shakeology, a Juice Cleanse known as “The Liquid Plumber” and Raw til 4.

Their last diet review video was a technical discussion on the pros and cons of many fad diets. After receiving a flood of requests from users to actually try some of the fad diets themselves they decided to do just that and film the results.

The first diet they personally tried was The Liquid Plumber. The Liquid Plumber diet consists entirely of organic, fresh squeezed juices all day long. They decided to go with 6 pounds of greens for their cup of fresh squeezed juice. Not only did it cost $10 to buy enough greens to actually fill an entire glass with the juice but it tasted terrible. The idea behind this diet is to cleanse your body, it is in essence however more akin to liquid laxative than an actual diet. Abbey even goes so far as to refer to it as “putrid puss water”. A well known blogger who tried the same diet said it smelled like mowing the lawn and tasted like chores.

The next diet up is the well known and much discussed Shakeology. You can buy Shakeology on Amazon or from a distributor but it is not sold at any health food store and for good reason. It’s publicly referred to by the company as a meal replacement but the entire packet is only 160 calories. Males typically need to consume 2,500 calories per day and females 2,000 calories per day to stay healthy. If you do the division that’s 700-800 calories per meal on average.

If Shakeology was actually a meal replacement it would make sense for it to be at least 500 calories and even that would be low.
Abbey and Abby are quite clear on the fact that this is at best a snack. They put it in the blender notating the unruly smell and blend it until it’s about as smooth as it’s going to get. They pour out the chunky Shakeology mixture and much to their dismay try the shake for themselves. After making numerous faces of disgust they read off some of the strange ingredients listed on the back of the package, many of which are unknown with the exception of brassica oleracea which is actually just kale. Then they break out a 160 calorie salad with chicken, avocado, and tomatoes on it to show what you could be having for a meal instead.

The last fad diet these two take on is the Raw till 4 diet. This diet was made famous by the YouTube Celebrity Freelee the Banana Girl. This diet is a bit more complicated that the others. For breakfast you have a shake consisting of 7 bananas, 3 cups of water, a cup of coconut water, a tbsp of coconut sugar, and vanilla essence. for lunch yoiu have a “mono-meal”, or a meal consisting of just one ingredient. After lunch you have a window for snacking during which you can eat unlimited fresh fruit until 4PM. Who would be feeling like eating unlimited fresh fruit after eating 7 bananas for breakfast? Dinner consists of 500 grams of organic potatoes with some low sodium dipping sauce.

The 2 dietitians waste no time ripping this diet to shreds showing you a surprisingly full container with as much sugar in it as would be in your morning shake. That is an absurd amount of sugar for a single meal, and especially first thing in the morning. Your morning shake would also consist of only 1,000 calories which both dietitians agree is not going to get you where you need to be by lunchtime. They concoct the shake and give it a taste test. While they do not make the sour faces they made while testing out the first 2 diets they do not seem particularly impressed with the flavor of this one either. Abbey Sharp says that it really just tastes like mushed bananas and Abby Langer claims that having this shake for breakfast every morning would be like being in prison.

The verdict is in and all 3 of these diets fail to make the grade. Not only are they unhealthy they taste either bland or just plain awful. Do yourself a favor and don’t fall for the fad diet myth. Make a conscious decision to eat healthy and exercise and you’ll be losing weight naturally in no time at all. Abbey has many tips in other videos that can be found on her channel for healthy eating.

As always thank you for watching and please feel free to leave comments and suggestions below.

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