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13 Sep

Day 47 – Juicing For Weight Loss – Here’s To Good Health!

Hi, Tim here with my Day 47 lemon water update My juice fasting updates continue, and still going well I have lost today 04 kg, which is just under 1 pound Total weight loss since I started, Day One, all those days ago, is 19 6 kilos, which I think […]

07 Sep

Good Smoothie Recipes | Green Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

Green Vegetable Smoothie Recipes Here are the most important guidelines for quick and easy juicing, for avoiding waste of expensive vegatables and fruits, for eliminating health and wellbeing disadvantages, and for purchasing the foremost from your juicing experience green vegetable smoothie recipes no fruit These essential tips save you time […]

27 Aug

Juicing for good health

Hey everyone, this is Rebekah Hutton here For those of you who know me pretty well know that I used to be a very avid juicer but I then found that I was producing a lot more waste than I was actually consuming So, I stopped juicing for a while […]

05 Aug

Good foods to lose weight fast

One of the main reasons why we gain weight is because we eat too fast and that has proven that it will begin to impact because we eat more and obviously reflect it in the abdomen, that's why today we present what the 5 hard Good foods to lose weight […]