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08 Aug

TP+ Buttabean Motivation: Luke Johnston’s weight-loss journey

About 10 months ago, me and Mum were at a surgeon, gonna get a stomach staple, and during that meeting the surgeon fell asleep on us It would’ve been for about a minute – me and Mum were looking at each other going ah you know what do we do? […]

07 Aug

I Lost 50 Pounds At A Weight-Loss Resort, weight loss motivation – Beauty And Health

My size has always been a part of my story I never felt ashamed of my weight or pressured to change myself I loved my body and loved eating good food—I was even a food blogger in New York City Yet after 14 years in New York, my life turned […]

28 Jul

This Woman Went From a Size 20 to a Size 4 — and Here Are 3 of Her Best Weight-Loss Motivation T…

We all have a story, and it is through our story where we find purpose I come from a family of obesity My mother, she worked long hours She loved me, but oftentimes we would eat a lot of fast food, and seeing the various complications that my mother dealt […]