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05 Sep

Which summer fat loss recipes are the best?

31 Aug

Juicing Or Blending Which Is Better

blending door juicing which is better I often get asked the question of whether it is better at blend or juice in fact both blending and juicing hold their own respective benefits it simply depends on what stage of detoxing you wish your body to undergo both juices and smoothies […]

24 Aug

Which summer fat loss recipes are the best?

16 Aug

Fat burning fruits | Which fruits have a fat burning effect

Which fruit has a fat burn effect? To get the most out of the fat burned effect of fruit, we need to include them in a balanced diet and always accompanied by regular physical activity to optimize their results Many people do not know that there are foods with a […]

03 Aug

Blending vs Juicing – Which is Best for Weight Loss

This is John Kohler with discountjuicerscom Today I have another exciting episode for you What we're going to do today is discuss the differences between blending and juicing, specifically for weight loss but this applies, you know, to the main differences and I'm going to go over the pros and […]