THE 3 Secrets for Weight Loss Motivation

my name is Jill Cruz I have a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition and I'm a Certified Nutrition Specialist Since 2011 I've been working in a busy functional medicine practice working with people with all sorts of conditions using lots of different tools to help them reach their health goals

Today I'm going to introduce you to THE three secrets to staying on track to reach your weight-loss goals Why these three? Because these three are the proven methods for losing weight and keeping it off long term All the other tips that you'll hear about out there for weight loss, they're not going to work unless you have these three factors in place And you know what? They're easy, I promise you're never going to look at weight loss the same again

Make sure you watch this video to the end where I provide a link to a quiz you can take to see what type of diet will work best for you Inspiration comes from within, meaning the source for the desire to lose weight comes from within you Motivation comes from without, meaning some outside source is trying to get you to lose weight Some examples of outside sources, in other words motivation, would be a doctor telling you you have to lose weight or you're gonna get sick, or a family member or a loved one saying, "oh maybe you should lose some weight" Those are external sources and they don't last

Inspiration comes from within, and so some examples of that would be; your own desire to be healthy or feel better, or your desire to be an inspiration to someone else like your child, or a desire to feel good so you can have fun with your family and your friends Those are sources of inspiration So how do you find sources of inspiration? You have to ask yourself these two questions This is very important! Question number one: What do you love about yourself? And question number two: When are you at your best? When do you feel fabulous about yourself? Write these questions down and I hope you do have at least one, if not a hundred, things that you can list under each of these questions The answers to these questions will be your sources of inspiration

The things that you love about yourself, those moments when you feel fabulous about yourself, those are your sources for inspiration And then what you need to do is associate those feelings, those things that you love, those moments, with your desire to lose weight For me, I wrote down the following: I love my family, I love my friends, I love dancing, I love hiking, I love the fact that I have a ton of energy, and that I can go to the gym and workout often, I love the fact that I sleep well, I love my dog, I love that my mind is focused and clear, I love traveling, and I guess above all I love that I'm healthy So then, so this, that's the example So then what I do is I say I want to be healthy because I love spending time with my family and my friends

I want to feel good when I'm with my family and friends That's a huge source of inspiration It's not, "I want to lose 20 pounds so I can wear my bikini" So if you truly want to lose weight and keep it off, stop doing it for other people do it for yourself

Do it because you love yourself Do it because it's fun, and you enjoy feeling good Those are the true sources of inspiration And you know what? This has actually been researched and studied and proven to be one of the most effective reasons why people who, people who lose weight and keep it off, why they're able to do that Isn't that incredible? The only way you're going to be able to lose weight and keep it off long term is if what you are doing is the right thing for you; the right way of eating for you

Notice I didn't say the way of eating that your doctor wants you to do, or that your best friend is doing It has to suit your individual biochemical needs and your individual challenges that you have in your life It has to be for you and maybe not for anybody else So how do you figure out what works for you? The first thing I recommend is you visit body beheldcom and check out the "What Works for You" page

There you can read unbiased information about a variety of different ways of eating So first you gather your information And then you take the quiz that I have there And so that quiz will help you narrow down what style of eating might be best for you And of course, from there you have to observe your body and tweak it

And finally I highly, highly encourage you to approach this as just another way to enjoy your life If you think it's drudgery or suffering, it will be If you think it's hard, it will be If you think you're going to fail, yet again, you will Change your attitude and change your life! The important thing is that you have fun: find recipes that inspire you, find little nutritious treats and rewards if you need them, turn it into a game if you're the competitive type, find a community online, or wherever, and do it together and get support

Make it fun, make it enjoyable You can do this But it's going to be very difficult if you think you're suffering, or you're being deprived, or you hate the food that you're eating It's not going, even if you do it in the short term, it's not going to be sustainable So to recap

There are three secrets to staying on track and losing the weight and keeping it off in the long run The first one is to be inspired, let that inspiration come from within you not from out some outside source The second one is to eat in a way that's right for you, not for somebody else Maybe it's right for somebody else but it has to be right for you or else it's not gonna work in the long run And the third is to have fun, enjoy yourself, do what you love, and love what you do

And of course you can sustain it if you do it that way Now get to work And click on the link for the "Best Diet for You" quiz, and while you're at the BodyBeheld website check out the blog on this topic for more details If you got something out of this video please hit the like button, share it with your friends, subscribe to the BodyBeheld YouTube channel and I would love to read your comments below

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