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hey guys how's it going in this video I talked to dr Anthony he's a leading expert in the fitness industry of her father's and in this video we talk about what you need to do before you even lift a weight things you can do if you're pressed for time and you want to get fit and last but not least how you can maintain your fitness levels through the newborn phase come and ride okay if you're joining us here for the first time my name is Jonathan and I have a youtube channel dedicated to full-time working new debt I have a 2 year old son myself his name is Zachary and I have another one on the way coming up shortly on this channel I just like to make videos I like to talk to experts in the field about different things and you know consider subscribing if you're into that stuff in this video I talked to dr

Anthony and we're just gonna jump right Italy excited to meet you my name is dr Anthony ball doozie I'm the founder over at the fit father project and I'm super excited to be doing this interview with the new dad channel because what we do over at the fit father project is we are the health experts for busy dads certainly guys over 40 who have been dads for a while and they've been through the struggles and the ringer and they have weight to lose but certainly for new dads to who want to figure out ok you know life is changing a little bit I have a new being in my life and my schedules absolutely all jacked up how do I make sure that I live a healthy life and stay healthy and set a good example for my kids and my family so this is we're going to talk about today I mean Jonathan I am so happy to be here with you I'm excited to talk about you know your your son Zachary and joy and how you're kind of pulling the family together and we're definitely going to share some of the success secrets that we've learned over the fits all the project and how any busy dad can can maintain a healthy body in life that's great dr Anthony thank you so much I'm super excited too because you know you're I mean when I looked at your website it's it's screams out like inspiration you know and I appreciate you know you're just being open vulnerable showing your strength there with you know kind of how you got started we're not going to dive deep into that just because you do such a great job of sharing you know like what that's all about but you know let's just jump right into the the plans or you know the blocking and tackling love how you're just so like practical you know just with a short you know bite-sized chunks meal prepping people you see from guys who succeed in it and see don't stick to it yeah so ultimately I think if you hit on a couple of big things for any busy guy regardless of his age who wants to live healthier and is also maintaining work and a family the only health plan that's ever gonna work this one that's simple and practical and we need to start thinking about health in terms of habits and doing small habits give us big results over the long run over the long haul this is one thing we do with the fit followed by do we help guys identify those simple health habits around eating sleep movement and implement those into a system a system that's repeatable and runs on autopilot so the good news is is that you don't have to spend hours in the gym to get fit you don't have to be on some crazy bodybuilding style meal plan to lose the weight we can do some simple things so what we do and I guess I'll get to your question was really about what do we see the difference between the guys who succeed and guys who fail is that where you'd like to start yeah yeah so well the dads who succeed with their health you know typically get on a system that's geared for dads who are gonna succeed at their health they're not following the same kind of plans that they might have done before they had kids they were a bachelor they had all the time in the world to go to the gym and do whatnot so what we need to do is identify a couple key habits around eating sleep and exercise and we'll start with eating because this typically is one of the biggest challenges for a lot of dads it's that healthy eating we all know is the foundation of weight loss in really thriving and so we need to figure out a structure something like meal prep that enables us to put our healthy eating on autopilot because what I can't have you doing is when you have a new human in your household you have to make even more decisions there's more decision fatigue there's more things draining your willpower is have to fight will poor battles every day around what foods you're putting in your mouth so if we can do something as simple as on Sunday we identify the healthy foods that you and your family already love your healthy proteins carbs and fats we buy those things in bulk we prep them we've made all the decisions for the rest of the week so we don't have to fight these kind of willpower battles and if you think about it this way this is what the benefit of meal prep is if you have three meals per day on average seven days a week there's 21 decisions it a little willpower battles that you have to nail and defeat but if we can just make that decision ahead of time and prep the food I guarantee any busy dad if I showed up on your doorstep every time Jonathan you need to have a healthy meal and I handed you some some broccoli some free-range chicken and avacado with some healthy sauce you'd be like heck yeah you eat that stuff so why don't we do this for ourselves so this is one huge thing is that we need to get the nutrition right and this thing that kind of segues right from that is also understanding that a lot of dads don't understand that exercise is far less important than health eating I think a lot of guys get into this all-or-nothing mentality where they feel guilty because they don't have the time anymore particularly if they're a new dad to get into the gym and they feel like screw it you know if I can't get into the gym and workout it's not even worth doing anything it's a really really dangerous all-or-nothing mentality because the fact no matter is but sleep and good eating you can certainly lose a lot of weight you can certainly maintain a good body and if you've been getting to the gym let's just say two 30-minute sessions per week doing the right kinds of stuff with a healthy eating plan and proper sleep you can have an amazing body in fact it's probably more effective than some other BS routines that you see people do in the gym so the message of hope here is that health can be simple and you can have it all and really get on a healthy plan and the guys who succeed the dads who succeed they typically get guidance they get plugged into a system that works and they don't try to do it on their own because as a dad you are officially the provider of the household for in most family cases right and now you have a new one to take care of so what we need to do is get you out of the executive position of your own health and get you into a system where you've created an environment around you that makes healthy living almost happen automatically and it's not such an uphill willpower battle so I'll pause there because I know you have a lot more questions and we can tease all that stuff out that's just a big picture of really the mindset of what it takes to succeed that's that's awesome and I know on your website you know core values of like integrity and faith that's not something you typically see on like a fitness thing could you please like talk about that and just how that plays into the into the picture yeah absolutely so I think it comes down to I think one of the questions you sent me ahead of time that you you said you want to discuss which I love is why you certain guys can't seem to get motivated to succeed when other guys seem to implement a plan and have good traction and get results and actually keep the weight off long term I'm ultimately we look at health and fitness when you understand it's really not about the body as much as it is about a mindset game in anything when we want to achieve any goal whether that's losing the way you know starting a new healthy habit saving money etc it's a psychology game how do we get ourselves on the right frame of mind to get motivated to stay motivated and to build the right healthy habits and this is why we have core values of integrity and faith because for us what we've done and we kind of helped brainwash all the guys who join us the father project is to understand health and being unhealthy is an integrity issue for dads who want to be the ultimate providers for their families and we're not going to get into my backstory too much but I said she saw that happen to my dad you know growing up he worked his ass off I mean he neglected his health and he died at 42 years young and so that rewired my brain from a young age to be like look this health stuff isn't just about the six-pack abs the nice pecs or even just like feeling great it's like we are setting the tone for how the family operates and we're making sure that we have as men have the lasting power to be with our family over the long haul so when health and fitness and eating healthy and in rep prepping your meals and getting to bed on time and drinking more water becomes tied to your core values of providing for your family and for us that's what integrity means is wholeness it is an integration of both the fitness stuff with all the other core values you have and we meld them into one big thing your brain is a lot more motivated to stay on track because you know a lot of us are okay if our bodies are you know a little rounder than then mainstream media says we think we should look but a lot of us may have more of a more of an emotional connection to why we should be doing these Fitness things when it's related to oh crap this is the the tone that I'm setting for Zachary's future this is how he's seeing his dad behave man that's a different conversation and it motivates the brain in a much different way and it provides what we call Y power behind the change so before we even get into the diet and exercise stuff with any of our fit father program members the first thing they do is they go through this missions in document creations 30-day mission state we get them crystal-clear on yes where they want to go so goal setting the costs of their current behaviors as it relates to their core values we're the fit father project for a reason you know being a father there's so many beautiful core values that comes from that so the men that succeed it with their fitness admits busy families have that deed why power and it's typically tied to all the things that they love not just around aesthetics of their bodies and I'm guessing you know if you get a crappy like–why statement you'll push back and you'll be like no this is not gonna carry you through you know this fit father project mm-hmm yeah it's a thing look look like it's kind of like the analogy of how does an airplane fly from a like point A to point B it's it's off track most of the time but it's constantly course-correcting right it's like a little viewer here little veer here that is health and fitness in a nutshell like you will be on the regimen well for a little bit but then you'll start to drift slightly but what what the Y power does coupled with a simple structure like we teach you the fit father project is create guardrails so those drifts are very small and they're not twenty-year drifts where you wake up when you're like holy crap I'm 45 I'm 60 pounds overweight what the heck just happened so anytime we can create guardrails to be like look you're gonna go to a barbecue one weekend with your buddies have some beers eat some food you're not supposed to wake up on Monday feeling like holy crap I blew it that's not good but if you have those the structure and the Y power to quickly make a pivot back on track that's how you win the long-term game and it's just huge for creating the guardrails to keep you moving forward love that love that and I want to touch on faith just a little bit because I know it creeps some people out it's like hey I was signing up for a fitness thing not like this religious thing can you touch on that just a little bit you know for for the people who are just a little bit you know allergic to that yeah so I mean faith is you know it's interesting word I it has definitely a religious connotation and and I personally do have a religious connotation with that word we include that very specifically because ultimately it kind of comes into understanding fitness in the whole broad spectrum of your life in general it's not an isolated component it's integral to everything that you want to do you want to perform in your work well you need to eat the right way to have energy and focus to do so you want to be confident when you go into a meeting while your body has to feel great and you have to be proud of how you look so faith for us is this kind of it's almost like this emergent property of understanding that this Fitness stuff is bigger than just us now you could take this to a cosmic kind of level a cosmic theological level and you can be like hey you know faith is about honoring in this body that God gifted me if you were a theist if you're a theist you know faith could be understanding that in the whole context of human evolution in thriving you know there is something bigger about maintaining your body as it relates to the propagation of your genes into the species in your fitness in this whole bio evolutionary framework but the point of this fais thing is it almost for me conveys this idea that this is bigger than you decisions about what you eat and put in your body is bigger than you and maybe it's even bigger than your family maybe it's even we can start thinking about these things is you know the kind of culture we're creating for future generations and the thousands of hopeful years of humans to come but this is what faith means for us is really understanding that the decisions we have don't have small microscopic importance they may even have cosmic importance and that kind of puts a bigger why power on the whole conversation too so whether you believe in a God and you're honoring that God by you know living in such a way or you you do not believe in God and you just realize that to be the fittest version of yourself to survive this bio evolutionary slew your body needs to be in such a way that's kind of where faith comes in with us it's it's it's it's very tied with its integrity core value so I'm glad you brought them up together yeah that's I mean it's just something that stood out you know because something typically you don't see but I love that because it's just you know brings the whole picture and everything together almost like like you said Fitness is like or weight loss you even is not the end goal that's just like a byproduct of what happens when you're living this healthy system so I love that and I want to also touch on you know cuz we're we're almost assuming maybe that you know this is like you have a very logical kind of approach right because who wouldn't want to live a lifestyle but I know there are some and me included sometimes you know that battle with like mental illnesses and you were saying earlier it's it's kind of starts up here right and I know there's a huge population of people who have had you know abusive upbringing zand in food is almost like a it's like a coping mechanism and so I just want I was just curious you know what do you see in that and you know is it obvious when people are writing their Y statements and I don't know how do you tackle that barrier yeah I mean I would be surprised to find a single human 30 40 50 years old who doesn't have some some emotional baggage at this point just by being alive and and certainly some of us have had more trauma than others and it does play a huge factor in why because we talked about health being such a psychology and emotional game right you know it's about we all know that the salmon is better than the burger on the dinner menu it's just what do we order right that's an emotional decision it's not an information illogical based one necessarily so I think this is why this this foundational journaling and why work is so important because the beautiful thing about our brains is despite the fact that we may have had certain kinds of trauma and thinking patterns up to this point we can rewire our brains you know we have neuroplasticity we can learn up to the day we die we can create new connections in new behaviors I think if anything that might be the superpower of our species so what I would say especially with most of the guys we help and realize most of the guys we help are guys that have failed at five to ten plus diets in the past and they've accumulated weight over years there's a lot of emotional baggage there with frustration and guilt and lack of confidence so first off know that the message of hope is that there you always can turn a new leaf if you get a better plan in the right kind of environment and the next thing I would say is that if you're not in a great place like a lot of our program members you know are certainly not in a great place you know do not go at this journey alone it is so easy to get dark in isolation it's a lot harder to be dark and to get into a place where you can't climb out of when you're surrounded by a band of brothers or following a common path and gives you something to fight for and people who genuinely want to support you and so for guys who are serious about you know anything in life the best thing you can do is pretty much to hire a coach or to get plugged into a system that's producing those kind of results right and so this is like this is why all pro athletes have shooting coaches they want to get better free throws they get a shooting coach the same thing actually applies with our fitness and a lot of guys don't realize how important it is to get plugged into a structure in the system particularly if you feel like you have some emotional baggage and the other thing I would also say that's incredibly important is understanding the power when it comes to health and fitness of your environment and we're the fit father project for a reason not just like the fit man project because we do believe that health starts at home and the habits that you have are gonna influence the habits that your wife has that Zachary has and so if we can manage the environment we can create an environment that makes it easier for every single person to live healthier you know families either get healthy or get sick together it doesn't typically happen in isolation so when we can take a holistic approach and create an environment that makes it easier for your money or your wife to stick on the meal prep – and you feed your son these comes allottee foods and you guys exercise together you know it's gonna help negate some of the the weight that some past traumas might be having on us and it's gonna make it a lot easier to stick so it's a complex topic and I absolutely respect that everyone's had you know their own individual health struggles I just want to come here with a message of hope we've had listen we have program members that have things that I would never happen to him that I would never have wished upon my worst enemy we have a one man who I'm not gonna share his name but he is recovering from a near-fatal gunshot wound to his face we lost about half of his face he has to go into emergency surgery to you know to get half of his femur put in to replace his face and and and the gunshot wound have to happen to do with you know some other things that happen to his family so crazy crazy stuff and this guy is absolutely kicking ass I mean I think in the past month he's lost around 20 pounds and he's getting his body ready for surgery so there is so much inspiration you can get when you're inside of a community so that's highly what I recommend for anyone whether it's ours or your community or someone else's community get plugged in don't do this alone that's so many power tips in that you know community and just yeah just the environment and and all of that so awesome awesome thank you I'm gonna switch gears a little bit to to address like the new dads of the world as you kind of pointed out earlier next to zero time you know between dishes and all of that you mentioned meal prepping on Sundays any other like superpower tips on like I mean besides you know at some point you just have to go and do it but any like tips on like time saving you know would you recommend a new dad to even get outside and exercise like in that you know first couple months or just stick to the meal plan is it like you know sorry you're gonna be out of commission with exercise for a few months definitely some things to share here well the first thing believe it or not before we we talk about the why power is like the foundation but and that's like layer zero layer one is nutrition but there's another aspect to layers here that we haven't talked about yet that's particularly important for new dads and that is the foundational importance of sleep so sleep is the thing that really regulates our whole bio circadian rhythm and the cascades of hormones that help us feel energized that help us fall asleep at night that help us even burn fat and maintain a healthy metabolism sleep is the biological internal clock maintenance system that enables all of our hormones to fire and work properly in new dads there's lots of threats to sleep it's the nature of the job and so if I if I were coaching a new dad personally what I would tell him is the number one most important thing we can do is to the best of our ability is to make sure that we're getting as much quality sleep as we possibly can and there's so there's natural barriers to that sometimes you have to wake up you know things like you night terrors with your kids or you got baby monitors and stuff to wake up but as much as we can improve that sleep that's probably the the prime thing I would rather have a dad sleep and eat well then eat well and exercise I had to pick two of those Oh drop exercise every day of the week just because it's just sleep is so foundational and what the research shows is that if you exercise on a sleep-deprived diet and you're trying to lose weight or you know maintain a body the weight that you do lose comes from muscle and not fat your metabolism and your blood glucose levels are all you know all sorts of jacked up in fact after a night of miss sleep so let's just say less than six hours of quality sleep your body has very very low tolerance to carbohydrates carbohydrates that normally wouldn't spike your blood sugar crazy amounts do so the next day you're more insulin resistant so sleep is the foundation so however we can audit that and prove that that's where I would start the next thing is I don't know too many new dads I know a lot of us are very busy whether we're running businesses or raising families etc who can't find seven to twenty minutes twice a week to get exercising no one's that busy the precedent is not that busy you can find seven to twenty minutes to get some exercise in and our YouTube channel is an amazing place to check out there if you actually want some workouts we have seven minute workouts we have twenty-four minute workouts all you need is a pair of dumbbells around five feet of floor space and you can get a workout in so time does not have to be a barrier if you know the right kinds of you know simple workout so you can do at home and just be realistic with what you can do set a target that you can hit schedule those workouts in like meetings because a big thing that happens with new dads lives is things become very reactive right your schedule becomes reactive to the needs of your new family and the new structures but if you can be a little more proactive about how you slot these two workouts in those are your sacred dad time everyone can respect that for 20 minutes twice a week on Monday and Friday you have them right before breakfast you get it done it's scheduled in like a beating you're gonna be able to get it in so I would say sleep get that meal prep going and then scheduling two to three of these short workouts put them in your calendar as if they're meetings and they're sacred if they get missed if something comes up with whatever you know then you reschedule them as if they were a meeting so if you start to treat your exercise like that you're consistent let's see levels gonna go through the roof so many power tips there man I I'm not even gonna pretend to like summarize all that but I'm gonna have definitely rewatch this and you know kind of point out those things but I'll link the workouts up here to dr Anthony thank you so much for that and I just have one more question just to wrap everything up here so if you had you know someone's year for a minute what kind of like I mean you've you've graced this with so much encouragement already but just you know any last words you would tell someone or someone who like could care less about fitness I don't know what would you tell them and that's it you know I'm gonna get I get chills even thinking about this is health is the number one superpower that I wish all dads would triple down on whatever you want to do in life thrive in your career be a present husband or spouse be a great father make more money be confident have time for your hobbies the best thing you could possibly do is optimize this vessel right here it's the one thing you're gonna carry with you until the day you die treating this thing and optimizing this thing makes every other thing you want to do in your life that much better you know when we think even about our brains and our clarity of mind our brain is this organ that's sitting in this neurochemical soup in this soup you know our cerebral spinal fluid is directly impacted by every single thing we put in our mouth you know so there is not a single thing that you could do that would give you higher leverage of success in any other area or life than getting some foundational health habits in place I can't think of anything more powerful and more amazing you know and in you know this is like making bold claims here but I would be shocked if every other area of your life your relationship your finances your confidence would not improve by getting this area of your life handled so I don't think there's a more important thing that you could focus on in the good news is it doesn't have to run your life you know you can create health routines that actually work for you and that was two minutes of talking someone's ear off but I took it hey I take it hey dr Anthony thank you so much for your time is great having you on new dads and yeah just look forward to the stuff that you have to put out and I really appreciate and I'm inspired but what you do is and you know that's what we're trying to do here with new dads and yeah I've just really appreciate it definitely find all the links below for the workouts for the the program and yeah thank you so much for your time you're welcome so happy to be here have a great rest your day all right so many power tips with dr

Anthony comment below if you got something out of it just type in helpful or just let me know hit the thumbs up if you got something out of this video here we like to inspire you to live the best version of yourself so consider subscribing for more content like this keep crushing it as a new dad and I'll talk to you soon

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