Top 5 Lunches for Fat Loss (GREAT FOR WORK!!)

Hi, everyone! I'm trainer Amy Jo, with ATHLEANXX for Women Today we're discussing lunchtime

The lunchtime hour We all get busy at work and if you forgot your meals at home – which you should have prepared, correct? What do you do? What do you do in a jam? So one of my favorites, number one, is using some hummus and canned chicken, or canned tuna, or even the tuna packets you can tear off Literally using the hummus as your "mayo", so to speak, and you can even add onions if you want, but these are things you could go to the store, grab, all you need is a bowl and a fork and you could whip that stuff together Add a piece of fruit on the side and there you go But that's a great way to replace mayo, is using hummus if you want to make a chicken salad sandwich, or a tuna salad

Use hummus It's a great one Number two is a wrap Using wraps is a great way to still be working while you're eating and it doesn't create such a mess It's not a bowl of rice and chicken, but you can do that as well

Head on over to the store, pick up a packet of corn tortillas, or whole wheat tortillas, and turkey, some deli slices, turkey and cheese, lettuce, and throw it all together There you go You have your lunch sandwich The other one is salads with boiled eggs We probably get sick of doing chicken salad all the time, turkey salad all the time

Boiled eggs is a great way to up your protein, also get some healthy fats in there, but add some flavor to the salad So you're getting that fat from the egg yolk, and you mush it all together within your lettuce and it actually tastes pretty good You can add some oil and vinegar as well to that but that's a quick, easy way to run to the store, once again, grab those few items, and head back to work The other one, number four, is canned beans, chicken, and you can make a pre-made canned bean chicken using the oil, or the sauce that kind of is in the black bean

So once you dip it out, you dump it into the bowl – some of the sauce that comes from the beans – it will kind of absorb into the chicken as well, and that's a great one to add It has a lot of flavor Throw in a bag of some already pre-made lettuce, or some kale, and there you have a nice, little Mexican lunch Number five is my all-time go-to when I do not have any time It's literally cut up veggies and the little packets of guacamole and then a string cheese on the side

So at the grocery store they already have cut up fruit, they've got cut up carrots, and celery, and cucumbers in a box Just grab those from the deli Get a packet of guacamole and some string cheese and you are on your way So that's one of my favorite ones when I literally have about five to ten minutes to eat lunch Grab that and bring that with you

So all of these are great ideas, even just to have at home, but if you are in a jam and you didn't bring your lunch with you for the day you could literally head on over the grocery store and pick these items up, rather than going to your fast food, or another place that might cost you $10 to $15 just for a salad, when you could have gotten it for about $5 So, hopefully these ideas helped you These will definitely keep you on track for your fat loss goals They're convenient, they're healthy, and they're easy to slam in Leave comments below

We'd love to hear your guys' tips, too What do you do when you're in a jam for lunch, but you still want to stay on track for your fat loss goals? Let us know below Thumbs up, check us out on ATHLEANXX for Women for great nutrition programs that can help you reach your goals Thanks for joining me I'm Amy Jo

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