hey guys what's going on I just wanted to do an update with you because I didn't do a update on my weigh-in yesterday um the reason why I didn't do a weigh-in was not that I gained any weight I have not gained any weight since starting solid foods I've been eating as of today solid foods but I had to do another reset because I started like maybe the second week of eating solid foods I noticed and this is my own fault I noticed when I started eating solid foods my skin started eating I mean started feeling itchy as I started eating my skin started feeling itchy I started noticing that it was getting harder and harder each day to get out the bed so my energy was being drained I think that my liver was starting to get toxins back in it because like when I got on the keto the first week that I sought the keto I did the egg fast and then I moved up to the breakfast sausages you know after the three day egg fast and I started noticing my skin turning yellow I was paying attention to the white of my eyes because I had issues before with my liver and when I went to the hospital my doctor had told me that my enzyme levels were high so I basically had to take some medication for it and it basically brought down my enzyme levels and that was when I wasn't living a really healthy life I was drinking a lot on the weekends sometimes during the weekday and I was eating a lot of fatty foods and I had the same energy that I had when I started consuming food this time around I ignored it for about four weeks that's why we're here right now I started noticing that my sleep was declining that my anxiety was coming and that my supplements that I was taken when my body was not clogged up in cleanse they weren't working especially my vitamin D I could tell with my anxiety I was kind of edgy and I wasn't feeling myself again I felt like that stage fright feeling on edge jittery so I said to myself I have to get back on my juicing and if I feel like eating the meal eat salads my salads are like meals there are a lot of greens but they're very very healthy and filling and this is why we're here today because I didn't do a weigh-in because uh the fourth week which was this past week I was trying to do a 48-hour juice I mean a water fast I'm sorry I said juice fast and one juicing now and I would get to like 33 hours and because my body got used to eating solid foods again wasn't hungry but I would be like 33 hours into my drive fast no water no food and want to eat a milk so each time this week that I would refeed I would do a salt water flush and start over 48 hours the last 2 times this week that I attempted to drive fast I didn't consume any water and I reef I did a refeed but I didn't do a salt water flush so all of that processed foods I cooked from home but my processed meats that I made me try and do short cuts all over again I got constipated so when I went to go away myself I was stuck and I knew it wasn't because I was at a stall way it was because of constipation so I'm still as of today I've been juicing for a couple of days and eating the salad I have been for the two days that I didn't do a salt water flush for last week I'm still releasing food from days ago that's how important it is to make sure that your colon is clean this is why the whole time I was on a juice feast I did a salt water flush every single day and I'm telling you your health is within your colon everything that runs properly has to do with your colon and I'm telling you when you get yourself cleanse out and you start to refeed be very mindful that if you're doing a juice fils slash pass you are really basically on a raw diet or regimen so when you go back to eating meats and process breads and pastas even if you break your juice or fasts or fees the way you know you're supposed to which I did your body still does not adapt well when you start adding processed foods back into your diet that's when you get the constipation like what I'm going through right now and wait Sol's which I had on a waist all I am constipated so that means my last weigh-in is exactly what I actually weigh now and even though I'm passing waste every single day I'm consuming around the same amount of foods and liquids each day because one thing I will say about being very detox tile is that your cravings for always feeling hungry goes away now that's one thing that has not changed I have not been on the 30 day solid food regimen and went crazy with food I only eat when I'm hungry and I eat until I'm satisfied so this is why since being off of juicing I have lost more weight and I continue to lose weight every week except for this constipation week that I didn't do a weigh-in on Monday but it plays a role being not only in a weight loss journey situation you know trying to lose weight but when you're losing weight taking it to a deeper level and detox in the body on a cellular level so that your mind is different it programs different so that means that when you do that eating solid foods you're not gonna have those cravings when you study eating so who's again that you're hungry for hours after you ate a meal so the reset of that you know is it's okay with me I only eat when I'm hungry and I only eat to when I'm satisfied and I try to keep my meals for the most part clean besides the breakfast sausages that I was eating when I was on the keto I definitely know that kind of messed me up a little bit because I noticed after I was consuming those meals with the breakfast sausages my skin usage and that's from the chemicals in sodium that's in those hitting meats so I'm just letting you guys know be very careful when you go back to eating and no I'm going to say this again I have not gained any weight since being on the juice fast I'm actually each week losing weight and I've been eating today will be 30 days solid foods and I continuously every week lose weight so I wanted to just do an update because I have not fell off the side of the earth I'm still trucking on also I lost another inch around my waist which brings my waistline total inches loss around my waist and 100 what and what is it a hundred and sixty days it's probably been a little longer let's say in four months I've lost 10 inches off my waist and I got about another five or six inches before my waist will be a 26 inch waist again so I'm really happy with that you see that little smile just crapped on my face when I said that yes 26 inches my waist will be back to I'm doing a lot of butt exercises to tighten tone and lift the buttocks so that has gotten to really take its form again it's lifting because muscle has memory so you know my body's you know going back into what it was looking like before I had the 88 pound weight gain yes I had gained 88 pounds and I have lost over 60 pounds of that in four months so with all that being said please share this video like make this video favorite and if you haven't subscribed to the channel do so and I'll see you guys in 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