Valentine’s Day Love Juice – Saturday Strategy

Hey Fitlifer Drew Canole

One of my favourite holidays has just past and its been something that I have worked on my whole entire life And that is the ability to love myself Up until recently, when I turned 28, I was holding on to something from the past Many of you probably known this, and as a kid I was abused and tortured as a child so, from the very person who brought me to this world My biological dad

And I was neglected from my mother That played my life from my whole entire experience of having to prove to the world that I was good enough to be loved And that's a very painful experience to be in because it forces you to be a person your not Right? Maybe you feel like that and in certain ways in your life, you feel like somebody that your not really 100% authentic with Or maybe you know somebody that you hang out with them and is this person really authentic and they're just living a lie and that is what I'm doing in the vast majority of my life

Until I forgave the man, my dad, that did everything against me, and that's the moment that everything changed I forgave him, and I actually got grateful for him bringing me into this experience So how does this apply to today's Saturday Strategy? Well it applies because we all need love I mean that's the primary nutrients that the body needs Before juicing, before anything that you consume, you need to be consuming love

And that is what valentines day is all about And instead of loving someone else, you need to come to the recognition that you love you And the more that you love you, the higher your vibration will go up and people, places, experiences will come into your life and show you why your loved and that's a really cool place to be in and there's other ways that we could love our self and that is supplying our body with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and everything that you need to be successful for cellular regeneration and it helps your psychology, it helps you physiology, it helps all facets of your life So if you really want to love yourself more, you can do this great thing every single morning and that is supplying your body with green juice

And when you do that, I want you to remember going forward that it's not about the juice Its about the love you have for you And that is what this Saturday Strategy is all about Its about putting something in your body and showing yourself respect You see there's so many things people and doing nowadays that don't show them respect and the 3 biggest ones are number 1 alcohol, you know alcohol is a toxic chemical

You put in your body and most people work all weekend and go out at 5'oclock in the afternoon on Friday and binge drink the whole entire weekend just to chance their state and cope to who they are They haven't really looked in the mirror and didn't see the self love So that's bad There's other things like smoking cigarettes and drinking tons of things that can alter their state of self Like drinking lots of caffeine, redbull energy drinks, and theirs this thing of processed foods

Right? Processed foods are loaded with sugar, they trick your taste buds and thinking its to be a thousand times more sweeter than it really is So that is 3 things I want you to eliminating and supplying, you don't need to have to go after it today If your doing these 3 things, no worries Start to supplement with the juice And over time, I was talking to my buddy Shawn Stevenson, he said was this, what you do more of is what you crave more of

So if you drink more green juice, I'm gonna start craving more green juice If I start working out more, I'm gonna starting craving that work out That's something I need to gonna do every single day So your just supplementing Your not gonna rid of anything, if your eating French fries, your adding the broccoli with in it

And eventually, over time fitlifer, your going to loving the broccoli so much that these other things have shape shifted and you do things that you know are better for you, your gonna feel more self love And when you feel more self love, like I said before, someone else, or if your not in a relationship, or your in the wrong relationship, or the wrong relationship with yourself, so to speak, every time you go in front of the mirror, criticizing yourself, you're wishing like your somebody else So I'm encouraging you to take me up in my offer to make the love juice today We got to drink this love juice Remember, its not about the juice, it's the love you have for yourself

We have beets Which helps your body help the natural production of nitroc oxide As we age that comes down, and when you increase that nitroc oxide, your VO2 max which helps your circulation as well Circulation is key with blood flow We have cinnamon in this recipe as well

Which helps bring down those insulin levels less of a glycemic index spike, which is gonna balance your mood and blood sugar We have basil Basil is also excellent for circulation Its gonna add a nice flavour to it as well So you need to stay hydrated as well

With this recipe, that's why were gonna incorporate the base side of celery, to add some salty flavour to it as well Did you know celery does On top of that, were gonna add a little manuka honey Manuka honey is like nature's natural antibiotic It's gonna help with your blood sugar as well

So ginger and as well Ginger's gonna help press out those toxins, speed up your body up, Strawberries are added up for the flavour If you never had strawberry juice, your absolutely missing out So that's the recipe Lets get on with this

So, the side benefit of this juice is that it helps you with sexual function as well Right If you have read some of our blog post in the past, we talk about sexual health Sexual health can boost your immune system and its something that we have to do It can prolong your life

Sexual health Do you know it can bring somebody else's life into this experience, which is a very cool thing so it isn't any wonder that cosmopolitan and this other magazines talk about sex It actually sky rockets the issue because its important for everyone And we don't talk about it much on Saturday Strategy, but I want you to know that it's important to me and my life And its important to you in this valentine's day

So if your gonna do it, quote in quote, I want to make sure your doing it the greatest way possible And its supplying yourselves, in the mitochondria level, the ATP, to not just survive, but to thrive And when your gonna do that, your gonna have unstoppable, passionate and loving sex And that's different from doing it by doing it You know what I'm saying fitlifer? And I'm sure that if you've watched this video, you in it for a reason and you wanna go to that place

Remember its not about the juice It's the love you have for yourself So everytime you drink juice, I want you to remember that How much you love you Change the conversation

If your not saying everyday, I love myself, over and over and over again, if you can't look in the mirror say I love you, then this needs to change completely because if your trying to materialize those perfect body, if your trying to have the best relationship possible, or the financial situation that you are trying to create, all these stuff that's happened in the past, that says you're not good enough to be loved, similar to my own personal experience, if you don't get rid of that, you will never have the life that you want And trust me This is from a man that have been through it I struggled as a kid You know it took me a long time to realize that its not about me projecting that and trying to people love me, its just me trying to be Drew

And just by being who Drew is, by being who you are, that's the most attractive thing in the world Its your authentic, passionate, higher integrity driven self, and that's cool So, leave a comment below you guys I know its valentine's day I want you to love you, but I want to see you make a love note to somebody else, in the comment section below

If we could get tons of love notes, you know like we used to write in the second, third, fourth grade school You have that crush, that guy or that girl, you write them this little valentine's spot in the store and you put it in a whole envelope of love notes that you read That's what we are doing I want it back in this week's Saturday Strategy So leave a comment, it doesn't have to be long

Whatever you're thinking Writing about someone that you love, we read thru this things, all of us are going to be inspired And also, check out who won the juicer below, if your on that If your in youtube, make sure you subscribe If your on facebook make sure you subscribe to our fan page as well

and if your interested in getting more recipes like this, more juicey, lovey content, from me, then check out the 5 day detox Its 5 days, step by step, showing you what you need to do It's over 10 videos, breaking down why we do what we do in the 5 day detox And what you can do, not only helping yourself and showing yourself more love, but to radiate out that love and help other people because that's what its all about Cheers to you Fitlifer, and the love juice! That ginger's strong

Make sure to get easy on the ginger It's great Happy Valentine's day Remember to love yourself Drew Canole

Remember we're in this together, I'll see you next week

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