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First of all, please rise your hands who are diabetic, is that all? and those who have blood pressure? againhmmright and no need to ask about obesity because today it is common from kids to elder peopleits a big problem truly we are all facing either diabetics or bp,thyroid from all these years how many of you have thyroid problem? please raise your hands,those with thyroid problems do you remember? we are hearing thyroid from recent yearsbut about 25 years back,did the older people whom we have now here heard about thyroid? did any one listen? the name thyroid,,about 25 years back? it means so rare but now it is common but to say franklythese are not diseases at allthey are like cold and cough which come and go but instead of letting them go ,we are sticking them in us by using medicines and growing them and they have settled permanently

to say is simply, send me a youngster who claims that he has no diabetic at all then i shall give him a tablet, after using it for 20 days then his sugar level increases to 200

again when he comes, this time i shall give him 2 tablets and after i will stop giving the tablets then his sugar level increases from 300 to 350 it means so rare but now it is common

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