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hi guys welcome back this is my weekly update and this law that has been going on you'll see it for yourself actually there's so much footage that I'm thinking maybe we should make it a vlog what do you guys think enjoy watching Wow such a productive half a day you guys so we decided to break for a little while and come here to the beach to have a lunch and relax a little bit before we go somewhere else to work actually the plan is to go to the library and work there because it's a lot quieter there and we have the dogs in the house so it's all easier for us to concentrate on the task we're going to do a little bit of more marketing strategy like planning the strategy so we brought some lunch with us here and I have watermelon very fresh and tasty and Yvonne has a salad roasted sweet potato chickpeas salad pretty fresh and I also have another green smoothie to go with me to the library if I'm hungry so we're going to eat and enjoy the view and it's so warm and really really awesome the ocean is so blue so we're just going to have some fun here and I just wanted to say that I'm so happy that we are following the schedule and the planning because it's a lot easier to concentrate on on the tests and you kind of know what tasks you're doing and so this makes you a lot more productive so I'm really happy about that so today we're at Kings Park it's one of the biggest parts of first it's right in the middle next to Center City Center and we'll be able to show it to you soon so there's there are a few lookouts towards the south part of of course and the other one the northern one so you'd be able to see the river it's beautiful park you'll see a lot of areas where you can come and rest with your family and play games and whatever so it's pretty awesome so this is the perfect spot for people to come here and look over the city and it's the best view here and lots of people just come here for technique for weekends I mean during weekends and also after work so I'm once of that detox program I want to try it I heard about it and you feel better and you connect with your mind better as well and this is another thing I want to do so wants to do it as well so it's following me on this my little two kilos but this is not the the goal and we're gonna go – we're gonna go north right I'm gonna drive in a band so we're just gonna take this juicer with us we bought this juicer yesterday and so this is the only thing we're taking with us and like lots of fruits and age and we're gonna be juicing it and we're gonna be drinking juice every day and see what's gonna happen and would be just recording the journey we'll see if there's any change we're gonna be talking about our experience and I also want to do like before-and-after photos you so you see if there's a change in the body let's try so we've done carrots apples let's mix it there's also one orange and what else we put something else we'll put awesome lime fresh juice is actually quite creamy and dance and its really pleasure to drink it and I I really love it okay let's try it you know how people drink when yolk and they have like mustache like white mustache so that's it it's orange mustache so we're just trying it today just having a little bit of juices maybe going to do some cleanse tonight and then propose started tomorrow right and then once we in the van which is Tuesday we're just gonna rock and roll that's actually you know quite filling in fulfilling okay now we're gonna go for a meeting and see if we can actually make up some connections and maybe you know form some joint ventures so that's gonna be fun so we're here hotels right there and we're gonna go in right now and see the guys I think it's gonna be like 20 people out there so the hotel is really nice I like the old star it's like an English English pub Hotel back in itself I'm like back in England or something and funny this hotel is quite far away from Santa yeah I'm liking it I look at the room we have a lot of yeah I met a lady was going to do I'm so excited so I met a few more guys and they're ready to with me and it's gonna be so much useful for everyone like I've always have that's back pain and this guy as masseuse masseuse honey said sure it's professional one he's focusing on this and he wants to help people and he wants to educate and this is the thing like I've always had this back problem and I like go to one from one side to another and it just doesn't help me or I just can't just focus on this thing so I'm hoping is going to help me and he said I'll fix you back I'm like yes let's do it so you guys will see more videos about that soon and now we are driving to see our other friend because we are going to do when life we're going to campervan all the way up north and then we're gonna start driving on Tuesday so we're gonna see Dane which is a friend of us of ours and he loves camping he loves all that outdoorsy stuff so we're gonna drive now to Hillary's to meet with him maybe I'll shoot another video with him we'll see going to catch up with our friends and he's gonna tell us about camping because we're gonna go a like a 9 days trip in the camp event so yeah we don't want to get killed by whatever you know yeah wild kangaroos it's gonna get hijacked so we're here at the beach thanks for watching it guys I hope you liked it if you liked it comment below say what you think do you want it to be a book on us also like and maybe subscribe if you want to see more videos like this thanks again bye

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