Weight Loss Program for Type 2 Diabetics

Welcome to the Health Guru Program I have type 2 diabetes, what's the best your program can offer me? As your medical doctor, it's important for me that you understand what happens in type 2 diabetes Upon gaining excesses in weight the already existing fat cells or the "adipose tissues" will develop what's called Insulin resistance

Imagine someone breaking into your home after your family dinner and start forcefeeding syrup to everyone in the home: To the baby, the mother, the father, grandparents, children, birds, dogs Soon enough, you'll be barricading your home and arming yourself to the teeth – pun intented – Your body does the exact same thing Let's look at this screenshot from Mcdonalds

ca These are the official numbers they provide so you know how many calories you get after eating a single Big Mac meal The number they show is 1090 calories That's more than 60% what a 70kg person would consume in calories in 24h What you need to know is that when a normal person eats that many calories in a single meal the blood glucose levels will spike to dangerous levels IF they have insuline resistance Normal people don't have that much insulin resistance

But in the case of diabetic patients you have a lot of insulin resistance which is due to the excessive amount of fat cells in the body Insulin resistance is like you barricading your home to protect you and your loved ones from the gavage syrup team It will take a while, but after not having any break ins you'll possibly loosen up, set the weapons down and go back to living your normal life Therefore, what we offer our Type 2 diabetic patients is a technology-enhanced program where we break down the weight loss goals for you We'll help you coordinate the plan for burning fat and dieting safely

This isn't a replacement for your diabetes doctor or medications But it's definitely a first step on the path of being independent from the need of medications for diabetes type 2 What if I told you after the test the current you will walk home with 46 pounds of fat extra on his shoulders Although this is painful to hear, it doesn't ask you to lose more excess fat that your body actually is asking you to lose Our care at Elle Et Gent Spa’s Medical clinic and our goal for diabetics is to decrease your sensitivity to insulin

Make you lose the excess fat that causes insulin resistance and reduce hyperinsulinemia which injures your blood vessels and puts you at higher risk for cancer One may ask: "Is type 2 diabetes reversible?" We answer with another question: Is obesity reversible? The answer to both these questions is Yes Which is why the American Diabetes Association says that the treatment for type 2 diabetes with BMI above 35 is actually Bariatric Surgery According to the American Diabetes Association it takes about 2 years after bariatric surgery for the sugar levels to go back to normal and the diabetes to resolve completely Bariatric surgery is actually done to treat obesity, not diabetes

But, to this day, it's a recommendation generally suggested to doctors to consider it for diabetic patients Our goal at the Elle & Gent's Spa is to actually help you get there without having to need surgery Although surgery is an option, we're an option before surgery We also recommend this type 2 diabetic program for bariatric surgery patients that have had bariatric surgery or that are thinking about having bariatric surgery It will provide an excellent tool for them to monitor closely where they are at in their efforts to lose weight and get back to a normal health

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