What I REALLY eat for breakfast (hint: it’s NOT just juice)

Hello Fitlifer, Drew Canole, welcome back to the Fitlife Kitchen At the end of this video I'll giving away a juicer, not this juicer

Actually this juicer is really cool Let me show it to you quick If you're a juicer maniac like I am, this is the Kuving's, but it also has the big wide mouth spout, and it's a slow juicer Really, really cool I'm going to used that for my favorite breakfast juice

One that I have almost every single morning And, I'm going to make it for you And today we're talking about breakfast I get a lot of emails from you guys Drew, what do you do for breakfast? So this strategy is all about how you start you're day

Lots of greens Carrots loaded with beta-carotene, one of my favorites In this juice recipe, we actually have some Kale which is loaded with phytonutrients as well Different types of Kale, this is red Kale Cucumbers

the Zucchini isn't going in to the juice but I'm going to talk about that a second Fitlifer We got Romaine Lettuce which is very hydrating, and this also has a chemical in it that actually tells your stomach, sends a signal to your brain that says you're full or satiated So you don't really eat as much which is cool if you're dieting your try to lose weight Turmeric which is an amazing anti-inflammatory As you know, we've talked about that before, and if it's your first time here, welcome

And we have some Ginger, Ginger presses out a lot of toxins in your body, and while you're sleeping you're not absorbing toxins your body is resting, it's detoxing, so when you wake it's the best time to do it with this juice recipe I'm going to leave the juice recipe below this video You can get the recipe there, like we always do Now that I've explained the juice recipe, I'm going to talk to you about starting your day the right way with the right mindset So while I'm making this juice there's something that I do that's even more important than drinking the juice, and having the nutrients pour into my cells, and that's actually pouring nutrients into my mind

Right? You've heard the word deficiency And the opposite of deficiency is efficiency You know when we speak to our own selves, it can be degrading, it can be commanding We can say things that are not good to ourselves We can beat ourselves up in the mirror

We're our worst advocates sometimes Even I am, I give myself a hard time, all the time So one thing I want you to recognize while you're making the juice for this week in this Saturday Strategy is while you're pouring in the nutrients of the phytonutrients, the aminos, everything that's in these greens I want you to pour in nutrients in to your mind So if it's something simple like reading a book for 10 minutes, or writing a thank you card to somebody you haven't talked to in a while

I want you to think about those things while you're making this juice I can guarantee you that as little as 7 days, your whole outlook will start to change And when your outlook will start to change, the whole world around you will start to change as well You start to feel better, you start to look better, you start vibrating at a whole new level, and your life gets a lot better So, I'm going to make this juice recipe

One thing, and this may come as a surprise to you Fitlifer, that I actually eat in the morning And everybody always emails me like, "are you a vegan?" "are you a vegetarian?" And for my body type, and I believe maybe this does not work for all of you, may it does Everybody's different right? I actually eat eggs in the morning I've done a lot of research on eggs I'm friends with Jonny Bowden, I'm actually going to bring him on a little bit later, in our one of these Strategies

He wrote a book called The Great Cholesterol Myth And he's going to come on, and start talking about why eggs are loaded with really good cholesterol We're going to table that We're going to bring Jonny Bowden on We're going to have some fun with him

Alright, eggs are absolutely amazing Spencer has prepared some of stats for us today We call him the Stat Man Stats, I need some stats, who do we go – the Stat Man! A recent study performed at Louisiana State University found that obese people who ate two egg breakfast at least five times a week lost 65% more weight, and had more energy than people who breakfasted on bagels A cardiobreakfast

They said that the eggs were more satisfying than the carbs making them fell fuller longer There you have it Who finds the cool stats , this guys! How we're going to get a hold of Stat Man? Call him! What's his number? 1-800-555-STAT So recent study came out saying that women with the intake of Choline found in the yolk of an egg were 24% less likely to get Breast Cancer Crazy! I know a lot of you are concern with about that There's this huge movement with women, and Breast Cancer

So eat some more egg yolks And I also love eggs because eggs yolks are high in Lutein, and Zeaxanthin two anti-oxidants that has been shown to ward off Macular Degeneration Perfect! So without a doubt, eggs are absolutely amazing Let's get on making this green juice! Thank you Stat Man Give it up for Stat Man

Welcome If you love Stat Man and stats like these give this video a big thumbs up Let's get on with this juice Get on with it Yes! Get on with it! Yeah! Get on with it! The Kuving's wide mouth juicer

One of a kind here Let's get on with this Look how easy this is A full cucumber, just like that Watch this! The juice is ready

Now normally in the morning I try to drink 32 ounces Hmmmm Alright! Let's try this up! The breakfast green juice Uhm, Spicy Spicy

I like it though, I love ginger Good Really, really good You can do this in the morning? I could do this in the morning Cool! So we're going to make a review video for the Kuving's juicer, you guys

Check that out, and also the link below this video So you can purchase one of this juicer I absolutely love it I've used a few times now I continue to use it because it is so easy to clean

It's got the big mouth It's a little bit pricey than most juicers but I dig it Remember, wake up in the morning fill your mind with nutrients going into the day So you know where you're going Make that green juice

Drink lots of water morning too A lot of people get so dehydrated when they wake up, and they reach for their coffee or whatever else They're not getting enough water So make sure that you are, drink the juice Try some eggs, we'll talk more about eggs in the future

I'm Drew Canole, Sabrina Seidman Remember, we're in this together We'll see you soon So the winner of this week's juicer, the Fitlifer this week is Roxana Saez Congratulations Roxana

That's awesome You've been eating better foods to combat your sugar cravings That's completely awesome And we want to award you with the juicer So the juicer is coming out to you

And we would like to dedicate this video cause we always dedicate videos to one of our Fitlife TV members We have a membership where people join us, and they contribute to the community, and they transform their lives This week we would like to dedicate to Nick Dave Foster, and she's been a member since March 2013 Thank you so much You're completely amazing

If you want more information in becoming a member, I'm going to leave a link below this video So if you want more tips, tools, resources, information that you can use to literally transform your life – go the JuiceWithDrewcom I'm going to leave a link below this video You could right on that, a small investment to pay for your health, or you okay for your sickness later Fitlifer

And I know as soon as you move forward with the Drew's Juice System, you're one of the people that are taking your health seriously So start taking it serious, join the community that we've created Let me help you Let me be your coach, and we'll do this thing together Coz when I say, we're in this together, I really mean it

I'm Drew Canole, thank for joining me on this very special Saturday Strategy seeing what I do for breakfast, how I start my morning, and I appreciate you for watching this, for taking the time I know you're busy doing other things on a Saturday but you dedicated yourself here today to improve your health And when you improve your health everybody around you will transform That ripple effect that we're talking about, and really impacting the world And you're taking it a stand, and I want to commend you this morning for doing that

I'm Drew Canole Remember, we're in this together And I'll see you next week

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