What We Ate & Drank In A Day. Healthy Living VLOG

What We Ate & Drank In A Day. Healthy Living VLOG

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It’s a classic Anji vlog featuring everything we ate in a day plus all of our exercise — which included a fun new addition to our routine — as well as a mail box check, behind the scenes news, a quick garden tour, checking in with Mr. Nut Buddy and all your fave Happy Healthy Vegan things.

Featured in this episode: mushroom coffee latte mix in the morning for a calm energy perfect for Anji’s yoga. Golden latte (with shitake and tumeric) for a delicious caffeine-free pick me up with tons of antioxidants! And chai latte (with turkey tail and reishi mushrooms) for a delicious caffeine-free evening chill out, also loaded with antioxidants. The entire catalog is vegan and gluten-free!

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“Heartstrings,” “Brother Against Brother,” & “Life Goes On” by Lovespirals
“Saudade” by Anji Bee
“Asleep” by Love Spirals Downwards


Hear more music from Anji Bee, our band Lovespirals, or Ryan’s old band Love Spirals Downwards on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, or Pandora.

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